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Group Puppy and Dog Training Classes
Spring Group Puppy and Dog Training Classes Calling all puppy and dog owners! AKC Evaluator, dog trainer, and certified pet therapist, Lisa Freeman, of Owosso, will be offering her spring group puppy and dog training classes beginning the first week in April. “Owners and pups(dogs) in our basic class will learn everything from the basics, come and sit to more advanced commands such as down, sta...
Puppy Training Now or Later?
Recently I had the privilege of training with a wonderful woman, her daughter, and a precious pup (Shepherd, Husky, Poodle, and Cocker Spaniel mix--mom was Cockapoo, dad was Shepherd/Husky). This pup was really more of a rescue, even though they paid for her. The pups from this particular litter were being sold at just four weeks of age. I later learned the mother of these pups was very young and ...
Puppy Training Before and After
BORN TO BE WILDPuppies are cute when we first get them and bring them home. Just as a baby is perfect when he/she first comes into the world. However, if we only give them love, spoil them, and do not train or discipline them, they can get out of balance real fast.I work in many homes each week with both young puppies and older pups and dogs. I see everything from the cutest little puppy that is s...
Family Puppy and Dog Training-- Is It For You?
A puppy owner asked me a question yesterday. "If my girlfriend doesn't enforce the same things I'm doing with the puppy will my training methods still work?"Good question.The answer is Yes, your puppy and dog will still listen to, mind, and respect you, but when everyone in the home isn't on the same page with training, it can complicate things and send your puppy mixed messages, therefore making ...
Help! My Dog Is Out of Control
Is Your Puppy or Dog Out Of Control?Most puppy and dog behavior is okay, but when we begin to see running, jumping, and biting or any form of aggression or craziness, things have gotten out of control.If you have a puppy or dog that's out of control you're probably going crazy trying to figure out where things have gone wrong, and better yet, how to turn this situation around. Hopefully, this arti...
Scared Straight: PTSD, You and Your Dog
Do You Have PTSD?Sometimes making people and dogs afraid of something can rehabilitate them and change their lives. This is called "Scared Straight". However, in many cases people and dogs have already been scared nearly to death and they battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.I Have PTSDI have PTSD and have had it most of my life. For years I hid my fears and never told anyone I had panic att...
Time to Train
Zuzu was one of the youngest and cutest, as well as one of the funniest pups in our Spring Group Puppy Training Class.WHEN TO BEGINWhen do you begin training a child? Whether you realize it or not, your baby is learning right from the time you bring her home from the hospital. If you hold her every single time she cries, she learns that she can be held when crying--I've too spoiled a few babies in...
How to Adopt and Train Rescue Dogs
PATIENCE IS KEYI'm not the most patient person in the world, but throughout my life I have learned to be more patient.When I began writing, I had all these great dreams of becoming a best selling author, but I wasn't even published for five years. Then I did win several awards, but I still have yet to achieve the best selling author status. And when my stories or articles do get accepted, it may b...
Private Training or Group Dog Classes
PRIVATE TRAINING Vs. GROUP TRAININGAs a top dog trainer, I travel all over Michigan to help dog owners with their puppies and dogs. Some have recently been adopted from shelters, others have been purchased from breeders, some have been rescued off the street, and others have been in the home for awhile but they all have one thing in common--they need training.So which is best, group puppy and dog ...
Gentle Leader
A GENTLE LEADERAs most of you know, in my line of work as a dog trainer and Anti-Bullying expert/ Motivational Speaker, I deal with some of the worst behaved dogs and people in Michigan. My job is seldom ever easy. Yet I know I cannot force these dogs and people into obedience, submission and change. I have to be gentle and lead them in the direction they need to go.NO FORCEGod does the same with ...
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